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final-practice-1 - Instructions 0 Before you do anything...

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Unformatted text preview: Instructions 0 Before you do anything else, Check to see that your exam Your Exam Number: has all 7 numbered pages. If it does not, raise your hand and ask for a new exam. 0 This exam will be computer—graded. You must use a num- ber 2 pencil to fill out the bubble sheet; if you do not have a pencil, borrow one from the proctors. o On the bubble sheet you must fill in one of the small circles in each column where you make an entry. The computer cannot read your ordinary writing. You must fill in the PRACTICE FINAL EXAM following items: Physics 109: Astronomy and Cosmology - Your name, as it appears on your ID card. Spring 2010 - Your student ID number in the STUDENT # columns. - The exam number (which is handwritten on the top right of this sheet) in the CODE columns. Name: ID OK? You can leave the other columns blank. 0 Now answer the questions and fill in your answers on the bubble sheet. There are 30 questions, and you have 60 min— ' utes. For each question, select the single best answer from Signature: among the choices listed; giving more than one answer will be marked wrong. Note that in some questions all of the choices may be true statements, but only one will properly answer the question. If you are unsure, it is best to guess an answer because a wrong answer is no worse than no answer a Raise your hand if you have any questions. 0 Print and sign your name on this cover sheet and hand it in with your bubble sheet when you are done. Have your photo ID ready to show the proctors. You may keep the questions. ...
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