Chap 1Outline - Chap 1 Themes in the study of Life...

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Chap 1 – Themes in the study of Life Objectives 1. Briefly describe the unifying themes that characterize the biological sciences. 2. Describe the hierarchy of structural levels in biological organization. 3. Explain the emerging properties of life. 4. Name characteristics shared by all cells. 5. Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. 6. Explain regulatory mechanisms in living things; distinguish between positive and negative feedback 7. Define taxonomy, its purpose, and its classification groups. 8. Distinguish among the three domains of life. 9. List and distinguish the kingdoms of multicellular, eukaryotic life. 10. Outline the scientific method. a. Distinguish between discovery (inductive) science and hypothesis-based (deductive) science b. Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative data. c. Describe what is meant by a controlled experiment. d. Describe the types of variables found in experimentation Key words Adaptation Archaea Asexual reproduction Atom Autotroph Biology Carnivore Cell Community Consumer Control group Controlled experiment Controlled variable Data Decomposer Deductive reasoning Dependent variable Development DNA Domain Ecosystem Electrons Eukarya Eukaryotic cell Evolution Experimental group Feedback – negative Feedback – positive Herbivore Heterotroph Homeostasis Hypothesis Independent variable Inductive reasoning Irritability Kingdom Metabolism Molecule Multicellular Natural selection Neutrons Omnivore Order Organ Organ system Organelle Organism Parasite Population Predator Producer Prokaryote Protons Qualitative Quantitative Response Saprophyte Scientific name Sexual reproduction Species Taxonomy Technology Theory Tissue Unicellular Outline What distinguishes living from non-living? a. Properties Common to all Life i. Reproduction – to continue the species, sexual and asexual ii. Growth – growth adds more cells iii. Development - takes on specialized functions. iv.
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Chap 1Outline - Chap 1 Themes in the study of Life...

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