Chap 2 Outline - Chap 2 The Chemical Context of Life...

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Chap 2 – The Chemical Context of Life Objectives 1. Distinguish between an element and a compound. 2. Identify the four elements that make up 96% of living matter. 3. Define the term trace element and give example. 4. Draw and label a simplified model of an atom. 5. Distinguish between each of the following terms: a. neutron and proton b. atomic number and mass number c. atomic weight and mass number 6. Explain how the atomic mass number of an atom can be used to determine the number of neutrons. 7. Explain how two isotopes of an element are similar and how they are different. 8. Explain why radioactive isotopes are important to biologists. 9. Describe two biological applications that use radioactive isotopes. 10. Define the terms energy and potential energy. 11. Explain why electrons in the first electron shell have less potential energy than those in higher electron shells. 12. Distinguish among nonpolar covalent, polar covalent and ionic bonds. 13. Distinguish between hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions. 15. Explain what is meant by a chemical equilibrium Key terms anion atom atomic mass atomic nucleus atomic number cation chemical bond chemical equilibrium chemical reaction compound covalent bond Dalton double bond electron electron shell electronegativity element energy energy level hydrogen bond inert/noble gasses ion ionic bond ionic compound Isotope mass number matter molecular formula molecule neutron nonpolar covalent bond nucleus orbital periodic table polar covalent bond
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Chap 2 Outline - Chap 2 The Chemical Context of Life...

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