Chap 17 Outline - Chapter 17 - From gene to protein....

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Chapter 17 - From gene to protein. Objectives 1. Explain how RNA differs from DNA. 2. In your own words, briefly explain how information flows from gene to protein. 3. Distinguish between transcription and translation. 4. Define codon, and explain what relationship exists between the linear sequence of codons on mRNA and the linear sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide. 5. List the three stop codons and the one start codon. 6. Explain in what way the genetic code is redundant and unambiguous. 7. Explain transcription including the three major steps of initiation, elongation, and termination. 8. Distinguish among mRNA, tRNA, and rRINA. 9. Describe the structure of tRNA and explain how the structure is related to function. 10. Given a sequence of bases in DNA, predict the corresponding codons transcribed on mRNA and the corresponding anticodons of tRNA. 11. Explain what determines the primary structure of a protein and describe how a polypeptide must be modified before it becomes fully functional. 12. Describe the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic mRNA. 13. Explain how eukaryotic mRNA is processed before it leaves the nucleus. 14. Explain base-pair insertions or deletions also base-pair substitutions. 15. Describe how mutagenesis can occur. Key Terms one gene—one polypeptide transcription messenger RNA(mRNA) template strand translation triplet code codon reading frame RNA polymerase transcription terminator 5’ cap poly (A) tail RNA splicing introns exon
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Chap 17 Outline - Chapter 17 - From gene to protein....

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