Chap 19 Outline - Chapter 18 - Microbial models: the...

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Chapter 18 - Microbial models: the genetics of viruses and bacteria. Objectives 1. List and describe structural components of viruses. 2. Explain why viruses are obligate parasites. 3. Describe three patterns of viral genome replication. 4. Explain the role of reverse transcriptase in retroviruses. 5. Describe how viruses recognize host cells. 6. Distinguish between lytic and lysogenic reproductive cycles. 7. Using viruses with envelopes and RNA viruses, describe variations in replication cycles. 8. Explain how viruses may cause disease symptoms, and describe some medical weapons used to fight viral infections. 9. Explain why viruses do not fit our usual definition of life. 10. Describe the structure of a bacterial chromosome. 11. Describe the process of binary fission in bacteria, and explain why replication of the bacterial chromosome is considered to be semi-conservative. 12. List and describe the three natural processes of genetic recombination in bacteria. 13. Explain how bacterial conjugation differs from sexual reproduction in eukaryotic organisms. 14. Explain why grouping genes into an operon can be advantageous. Key Terms capsid provirus transformation viral envelope retrovirus transduction bacteriophage (phage) reverse transcriptase conjugation host range HIV F plasmid lytic cycle AIDS virulent virus vaccine lysogenic cycle virion R plasmid temperate virus prion transposon prophage Outline A. The Genetics of Viruses 1. Researchers discovered viruses by studying a plant disease. 2. A virus is a genome enclosed in a protective coat (capsid) 3. The viral genome may be single or double stranded, it may be DNA or RNA, it may be linear or circular. 4. The capsid varies in shape, often geometric. Most complex is found in bacteriophages.
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Chap 19 Outline - Chapter 18 - Microbial models: the...

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