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NoteTaking - o Indent right with supporting...

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Note Taking for Students Why take notes? o Note taking increases attention o Note taking requires a deeper level of thinking than just listening o Note taking makes learning and remembering easier—assists in making connections with prior knowledge Tips to taking easier, better notes! o Paraphrase; eliminate connecting words o Get main ideas and some details o Use symbols to abbreviate o Underline, capitalize or star major points o Leave white space between points o Listen for cues- tone, gestures, repetition, cue words o Look at the speaker- focuses attention, visual cues o Date each page, and number (sequence is important) o Write on one side of page only o Ask questions o Review notes Pick a format that works for you! The Cornell Method: o Rule 2.5 “ margin on left side of page o Use left column for key questions, cues for recall o Take notes from lecture on right side
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The Outline Method: o Begin from left with the most general/major topic
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Unformatted text preview: o Indent right with supporting details/specific information Extrasensory perception __ definition: means of perceiving without use of sense organs. __ three kinds - __ telepathy: sending messages __ clairvoyance: forecasting the future __ psychokinesis: perceiving events external to situation __ current status - __ no current research to support or refute __ few psychologists say impossible __ door open to future The Mapping Method: o Graphic representation of content o Patterning, flow charts, diagrams, etc. The Charting Method: o Write column headings across top of page o Record information (words, phrases, main ideas, etc) into appropriate category The Sentence Method: o Write every new thought, fact or topic on a separate line...
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