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Assignment2 - Nicole Burry Dr Peter James Cog Psych 2101...

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Nicole Burry Dr. Peter James Cog Psych 2101 2/2/11 Wilhelm Wundt ʼ s practice and research started in 1879, more than 130 years ago. Since then, the feld oF psychology has developed greatly, allowing For more research, techniques, and theories to Further understand inFormation processing. Experiences and methods that have contributed to the understand include: • Photo Test: As described in lecture, participants can be shown the same person (in our case Halle Berry) or object in various settings, but they are still able to recognize who or what is in the picture. • H.M. : This man, who developed anterograde amnesia contributed to cognitive psychology by helping to discover the Hippocampus and distinguish between implicit and explicit memory. • Serial Position Curve: A technique developed by HV Ebbinghaus For documenting recollection, helped to fnd that people most commonly recall the most recent items within a list; and between the beginning and the end, the items in the beginning were recalled more oFten than the middle items. Human Channel Capacity: used as a model For the limitations oF the inFormation
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