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Nicole Burry Cognitive Psych 2101 Dr. Peter James 24 January 2011 Wilhelm Wundt Interview 1) Prior to choosing your career, did you have any other interests in mind? If so, what made you choose Psychology above all of your other options? •I wanted to start the interview with a more personal question. Because he was one of the first prominent psychologists, I thought it would be interesting to find out what his other options could have been. After all, if he would not have chosen psychology, the field may not have been as advanced as it is today. 2) One of your contemporaries, Hermann Von Ebbinghaus, help to discover the process of memory, which you chose to exclude in your body of work. How do you feel that your limitations eventually sparked Ebbinghaus’ discoveries on memory? (Pages 14, 15) •I asked this question because from what I have read in our textbook, Wundt chose to ignore memory studies because he didn’t feel that memory was a conscious process. I feel that it
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Unformatted text preview: would be interesting to hear his opinion. 3) What led you to change from studying psychology through a physiological aspect, to developing the concept of self observation? On page 14, the book states that Wundt viewed the proper topic of study for psychology as conscious processes and immediate experiences. His initial work, however, was his self-published book entitled Principles of Physiological Psychology 4) Are you happy with the current state of the field of psychology? Do you like the way future researchers have carried your work in the past 130 or so years? The study of psychology has flourished tremendously since Wundts beginning in 1879. As he is commonly called The Founding Father Of Psychology, I would be interested in seeing his reaction to the legacy he had left behind....
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