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Item # Description Item # Description 1 Similarities/Differences among psychological tests 26 APA ethical standards 2 Test classification methods 27 Right to privacy 3 Test classification methods 28 Right to privacy 4 Test classification methods 29 Issues of primary concern 5 Test classification methods 30 Testing special populations 6 Achievement test 31 Appropriate use of psychological tests 7 Dimension measured 32 Physically or mentally chanllenged test takers 8 Dimension measured 33 Physically or mentally chanllenged test takers 9 Psychological Tests and measurements 34 Issues of primary concern 10 Why psychological testing 35 Advantages of computerized testing 11 Individual vs institutional decisions 36 Computerized testing 12 Comparative vs. absolute decisions 37 Disadvantages of Computerized testing 13 Who uses psyvhological tests and why 38 Computerized testing 14 The social and legal implications of psychological testing 39 Computerized testing
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Unformatted text preview: 15 The conyroversy over intelligence tests 40 Computerized testing 16 The conyroversy over intelligence tests 41 Administering surveys online 17 Aptitude tests and the U.S. employment service 42 Challenges of conducting testing on the WWW 18 Aptitude testing in education (SAT) 43 Issues with timed tests 19 Integrity testing in organization 44 Test taker strategies 20 Leadership Practices Inventory 45 Computerized tests vs. paper-and-pencil tests 21 Right or wrong way to use psychological tests 46 Implications for the future of psychological testing 22 Ethical standards for psychological testing 47 e-learning 23 What are ethics? 48 Program assessment 24 Ethical principles of the APA 49 Implicationsfor the future 25 Ethical principles of the APA 50 Web-based assessment PSYCH3620 (Spring 2011) Hints_Exam_1_A Dr. Isabelle Chang...
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