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Final Paper Instructions

Final Paper Instructions - me on any websites you want to...

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Final Paper Instructions Race in the Ancient Mediterranean Dr. Roy 4-16-10 DUE: 5-7-10 at NOON. Your final paper should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced, with a standard font and font size (such as Times New Roman 12). The paper should include secondary sources. I suggest that you take one of the shorter papers you wrote this semester and expand it. Suggested Steps: 1. Choose your paper and review my comments. Make necessary changes. Return to the text that you wrote on and gather additional evidence for your argument. 2. Begin your research into the topic. You should consult AT LEAST 4 secondary sources for your paper. a. Good places to start include: JSTOR search, a search of Cambridge Companions Online, and a search of the Oxford Classical Dictionary. b. The translations I picked for this class all include a good introduction and suggested secondary reading. c. Good secondary sources are published, peer-reviewed sources (such as journal articles and books). Websites are tricky. You should consult with
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Unformatted text preview: me on any websites you want to use. 3. Did any of your research change you mind on your topic? If yes, revise your thesis and review your argument. You may find that you want to change how your interpret your evidence rather than find new evidence. 4. Once you have settled on a thesis, write an outline of your new paper. Consider where it may be most useful to bring in arguments from your secondary sources. As with quotation from primary sources, only quote directly if you think that what your source says is the only way to say it. Otherwise, paraphrase and footnote your source. Be wary of plagiarism. Be sure to give credit for any idea that is not your own! 5. Write your paper anew (do not simply add to your older version!). Make sure to include a title, have a strong thesis statement, and provide a bibliography (you may use MLA or Chicago style citation). 6. Feel free to consult with me at any of these stages. I am happy to read outlines, drafts, or lists of sources....
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