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Guidelines for Aeneid Paper. Dr. Roy DUE: Monday, 4-5-10 Please write a 1-2 page paper on an issue relating to race, ethnicity, and identity in the Aeneid . Be sure to construct an argument in your paper (which you state in your thesis sentence), provide direct evidence from the text, and do not summarize. A bad thesis: “The Aeneid tells us many different things about Roman ethnicity.” A good thesis: “The Aeneid reveals that the Romans constructed their concept of their own ethnicity through shared customs rather than shared genetic heritage.” To cite passages in the Aeneid : “Wars and a man I sing” ( Aen. 1.1). Do not quote directly unless
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Unformatted text preview: (1) you interpret the quotation (such as pointing out Interesting words or sentence constructions) and (2) it is essential to the argument. Some suggested paper topics: 1. Whose ethnicity and heritage is more important in this poem, the Trojans’ or the Italians’? Why? 2. Compare the Aeneid with the Odyssey . How do interactions with other people differ? Why? 3. At the end of the poem, Aeneas kills Turnus in revenge for the death of his friend Pallas. Does he do this for personal reasons or in the interest of future Rome? Does Turnus’ death influence your idea of the interaction between Trojans/Rome and Italians?...
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