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Herodotus Paper Prompt Due: In class, 3-5-10 Race in the Ancient Mediterranean Ms. Roy You have three options for your Herodotus Paper. Please choose one of the three listed below. The paper should be 2-3 pages double-spaced. Be sure to develop an ARGUMENT in your paper; do not merely summarize or describe. Citation: When citing Herodotus, please list book and paragraph number (Hdt. 1.203). For Aeschylus, cite the line number(s) (Aesch. 842). For the Behistun Inscription, cite Column and section number (DB 5.2). For the Book of Esther, cite book and verse number (Est. 5.1). Prompt I: Compare Herodotus’ description of the Persians in the Histories with one of the following: Aeschylus’ Persians , the Behistun Inscription, or the Book of Esther. You will want to consider one or more of the following questions. How do the presentations overlap or diverge? Why might this be so? How might each text’s bias/context help or hurt their credibility as a source? How does the comparison affect your perception of
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