Race in the Ancient Mediterranean

Race in the Ancient Mediterranean - Race in the Ancient...

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Race in the Ancient Mediterranean: Spring 2010 MWF 10 – 10:50 AM Anderson Hall 206 CRN: 087629 Instructor: C. Sydnor Roy Dept. Secretary: Peggy Shadding Dept. of Greek and Roman Classics 330 Anderson Hall 350 Anderson Hall (215) 204-8267 Phone: 215-204-5796 Email: sydnor@temple.edu Office Hours: MW 2:30 – 3:30, F 9 – 10 or by appointment Course Description . This course aims to introduce students to ancient thinking about race and ethnicity and to consider how that thinking remains current and influential today. We will investigate how categories of race and ethnicity are presented in the literature of the Ancient Mediterranean. We will focus on such concepts as: racial formation and origin; ancient theories of ethnic superiority; and linguistic, religious, and cultural differentiation as a basis for ethnic differentiation. We will also examine ancient racism through such social processes as slovery, trade, colonization, migration, imperialism, assimilation, and genocide. Required Texts . All books are available at the campus bookstore. Be sure to have the versions found there. I have ordered only the books in which extensive reading is required. There will be handouts or online texts assigned from various authors. 1. Odyssey , Homer, Stanley Lombardo (translator) Hackett Publishing Company; ISBN: 978-0872204843 2. Persians (Greek Tragedy in New Translations), Aeschylus, J. Lembke (translator), C. Herrington (translator) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 978-0195070088 3. The Histories (Oxford World’s Classics), Herodotus, Dewald, Waterfield (translator) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 978-0199535668 4. The Aeneid (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition), Vergil, Robert Fagles (translator) Penguin Classics; ISBN: 978-0143105138 5. The Gallic War: Seven Commentaries on The Gallic War with an Eighth Commentary by Aulus Hirtius (Oxford World's Classics), J. Caesar, Carolyn Hammond (translator) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 978-0199540266 6. Agricola and Germany . (Oxford World’s Classics), Tacitus, Anthony Birley (translator) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 978-0199539260
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Race in the Ancient Mediterranean - Race in the Ancient...

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