Lowcura - Lowcura An introspective virtual cruise through...

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Lowcura An introspective virtual cruise through an American sub- cultural tradition Levi Romero “… nostalgia gleams with the dull brilliance of a chrome airplane on the rusted hood of a ‘56 Chevy ...daydream's of walking bare foot on the soft grass down by the river where dragonflies buzzed all day have now decayed like the fallen cottonwoods along the gnarled paths of the Rio Embudo where free form poetry mixed with cheap beer on warm nights by the riverbanks and stories of lowered ’49 Fleetlines with flame jobs and spinners were cast into the dark wind…” Hearts and Arrows Years later, I would hear stories I remember it this way, Magdalena. As a small child I would accompany my grandmother on her walks to or from my mother’s house, which was about a mile and a half away. We would follow a walking path along the Rio Embudo, a small stream weaving along the northern edge of the village where I grew up. There was a certain place along this walk that we always looked forward in coming to. It was there, just off the sand and gravel trail under the shade of the towering cottonwoods and heavy scent of river willow and summer heat where we would stop for a short respite. It was at this section along the river where some of the villagers' discarded automobiles sat in abandonment, a sort of village car cemetery. One car in particular attracted our attention, a faded pink 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline flipped over on its back and succumbing to the rust and ruin of cars that meet such a fate. Grandma would walk over to it and we would stand there momentarily, our hands caressing the fat- fendered Chevy. “ Este era el carro del Levi," "she would say. We would silently pay our respects and then move on. Years later, I would hear stories about my cousin Levi and his lowered Fleetline, and learn that he had been one of the first low riders in northern New Mexico, the region around Española that in time became regarded affectionately as the "low rider capital of the World." Resuello y Alma I began cruising when I was about 12 years old with some older cousins who would take me along on their nightly cruises into town. It was in the early 1970's and still in the early stages of lowriding in Española, when the factions between the Hotrodders and the Lowriders were visibly displayed under the streetlight’s glow of shopping center parking lots and Main Street. One of my cousins, known as lil’ Joe, had recently moved back from California and had brought his passion for lowriding with him and transplanted it into the quickly forming popular pastime. Lil’ Joe
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would pass on down to me my first low rider, a copper brown 1959 Chevrolet station wagon with velvet curtains, shag carpeting, and a donut steering wheel. In all honesty, I never replaced the dead battery in the car and therefore never got to take it out on the cruise. Nonetheless, I’d accompany my cousins into Espa’, usually
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Lowcura - Lowcura An introspective virtual cruise through...

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