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2 GOINGS ON ,ABOUT TOWN A CONSCIENTIOUS CALENDAI\ OF EVENTS OF INTEI\EST CHANGE OF ADDI\ESS ADVE.R TlSING & SUIHCI\IPTlONS, (212.1 84o-J800 E-DITOI\IAl. . 'OFFICE-S, (212) 840-.}700 r 9 '9 ,M. F. K. Fisher 24 Derck Walcott '7 Berry Morgan ,8 Su::allnah Lessard 3' Harold Rosenberg 59 Andy Logan 6, Allda.r ,Millor 68 Calvin Trillin 7' ami Ed'ward Korell Mollie Pauter-Dowllcs 77 Arlcnc Croce 8, ?tmdope Gilliatt 83 George Steiner 86 88 924-7100. Tuesdays through Thursdays at 8, and Fridays and Saturdays at 7 and 10.) HELLO, DOLly!-Carol Channing and this musical ought to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Lunt-Fontanne, 205 W. 46th St. 586-5555. Tuesdays through Satur_ days at 8. Matinties \Vednesdays and Satur- days at 2, and Sundays at 3.) I'M GETTING My Aa TOGETHER AND TAKING IT ON THE ROAD-A night-club singer with strong feminist views celebrates her thirty-ninth birthday by auditioning her new act for her dismayed manager. This musical by Nancy Ford (score) and Gretchen Cryer (book and lyrics)-the remarkable team who wrote "The Last Sweet Days of Isaac" in 1970- is disappointing for a number of reasons, but it has its c{)mpensations all the same. Among them are the tuneful songs, the mockery and self-mockery of some of the words, and the presence of the gifted Don Scardino in the singer's company. \Vord Baker was the capable director. (6/26/78) (Public, 425 Lafayette St. 677-6350. Nightly, except JVlondays, at 8. Matinees Saturdays and SlUl_ days at 3.) A LIfE IN THE THEATRE-David Mamet's loving tribute to the theatre in the form of a collage of the offstage eonversations between a sea- soned actor and a younger one, and of their onstage dialogues in brief parodies of every (LOWeIDEeS) David Pascal, rVilliam cHamiltoJl, Dalla Fradol1, Lee Loren::, George Booth, Mischa Richter, George Price, Ed~l}ard Frascillo, Jack Ziegler, William Steig, Arnie Lcvill, Stall Hltllt, rFhitney Darrow, Jr., Charles SaxOlI, Joseph Farris, James Alulligall, Eldon Dedilli, Jeff Kaufman, Robert rVebcr, Henry }.1 arlin Andre FraJlf;ois THE RACE TRACK •••••• OUR FAR-FlUNG CORRESPONDENTS THE ART WORLD •• AROUND CITY HALL LETTER FROM LONDON DANCING .• THE CURRENT CINEMA. BOOKS ••••. BRIEFLY NOTED DRAWINGS: COVER: "A DELAYED MEETING" "KOENIG OF THE RIVER" (POEM) "THE DESERTION" ••••.•.••.••••• A REPORTER AT LARGE (MIDTOWN SKYSCRAPERS) SoMoToWoTofoS 9110 111 II~ \1: II: THE NEW YOI\KEI\ 2..5 WEST 4JR.D STI\I:;I:;T, NI:;W YOR.K, N.Y. IOOJ6 THE TALK OF THE TOWN Gorey's sets and costumes in this highly en- tertaining revival of a twenties melodrama. (IO!Jl/n) (Martin Beck, 302 W. 45th St. 246-6363. Tuesdays through Saturdays at 8. :Matinees Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2, and Sundays at 3.) FAMILY BUSINESS-A wealthy old Jewish manu- facturer dies of a heart attack at the end of 'Act I, and the two remaining acts are given over to his grown sons' squabbles and quar- rels over money and other matters. (4/24/78) (Astor Place Theatre, 434 Lafayette St., near Astor PI. 254-4370. Tuesdays through Fri~ days at 8; Saturdays at 7 and 10; and Sun- days at 7~ Matinees Sundays at 3.) THE 5TH OF JULy-A number of former activists
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