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PresentationGuidelines - Youth Cultures 817 Spring 2010...

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Youth Cultures 817 Spring 2010 Instructor: Lea Jacobson Presentation Guidelines This presentation should be informative; with any luck it will also be entertaining. It is an opportunity to summarize and share the subculture you have been studying with the class. You can assume your audience is interested in hearing about the subculture, just as you are interested in hearing about what they have been researching. You have approximately six (6) minutes for the presentation, after which there will be time for questions. Presentations will take place during the final weeks of class. It will be helpful to frame the presentation in three parts. You don’t have to be rigid about this, but it may help you to structure your delivery. Things are easier to follow, if they have a clear beginning, middle and end. Part 1: Answer the following questions: Why did you choose this subculture? Why was it or is it interesting to you? What surprised you about the culture?
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