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MMW3 Midterm 2 notes

MMW3 Midterm 2 notes - Compare the Caucasus Axum and Japan...

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Compare the Caucasus, Axum, and Japan: What was the relationship between indigenous culture and political structures and the cultures and empires around them? All cultures heavily influenced, yet distinctly independent. Caucasus between Rome and Persia. Evidence: Armenian churches show Roman influence, but still uniquely Armenian. Use Haas reading: Local monarchies split, some Christian. Uses Christianity to unify empire. Legitimization! Roman bishops originally. Uses miracle (jesus descending) to legitimize new capital. Noahs ark supposedly lands there in Caucasus. Script invented to write down bible. Axum at critical port juncture in Ethiopia (Egypt, Rome, Persia, India). Trace lineage back to Solomon. Ark of Covenant supposedly in Ethiopia. Gold coins (evidence itself of wealth + wheat on coins) originally show pagan art, changes to Christian crosses n’ shit. Jesus depicted in Ethiopian Art, distinctly Ethiopian, still. Japan heavily influenced by china. Buddhism mixes with Shinto. See: Shinto shrines (Tori) for Kami used in Buddhist monasteries. Legitimizes rule (Emperor descended from Sun god, in Buddhist times seen as Bodhisattva). Chinese bureaucratic and legislative strategies to govern
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