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Research Questions: Levels of Arguability Worksheet Level 1: Questions that can be answered with knowledge you have right now. Level 2: Questions that can be definitively answered with scholarly research. Level 3: Open-ended questions to which an answer can be proposed based on scholarly research but that cannot be answered definitively. Level 4: Questions that cannot be addressed with scholarly research, either because of a lack of evidence or because they ask something that cannot be answered by citing evidence. Directions : Read the following questions and indicate what level of arguability each of them attains. (Write 1, 2, 3, or 4.) _____ 1. When was Germany re-unified? _____ 2. How did Ghandi reveal the truth about the human condition? _____ 3. Was Stalin the main reason for the fall of the Soviet Union? _____ 4. What was the difference between German and Italian fascism? _____ 5. What was the role of architecture in imperial Japan? _____ 6.
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ArguabilityWorksheets211mmw46 - Research Questions Levels...

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