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MMW 4-6: Final Paper Summer 2011 Due: First Section, Week 5 Length: 7-8 pages Your Final Paper You will submit a research paper that poses a Level-3 research question, describes at least two scholarly approaches to that question, evaluates the evidence and approaches of other scholars to that question, and advances one argument (with a clear thesis statement) by: a) rebutting counter/alternative arguments and pointing out their weaknesses; and b) demonstrating the superiority of the argument you are advancing (your thesis). Important: Your Final Paper will only be graded after the Prospectus has been completed and graded by your TA. The Final Paper should include: An introduction to your topic ( EW 203) ** An explanation of the problem/question you are addressing (explicitly state your research question) Your thesis and evidence used to support it. Your thesis should be stated clearly and be easy for your TA to find. ( EW 18-19, 30-31, 330; PKW 5-23) Paragraphs dedicated to the thorough explanation of each of the answers to your question: the argument(s), counter-argument(s), alternative argument(s) and evidence used by scholars to support these arguments. You are expected to include and analyze examples of the evidence used by the scholars in your paper. You should include citations (either direct quotations or proper paraphrases) from each of your sources listed in the Works Cited page. ( EW 19, 26, 29-30, 48-50, 143-144; PKW 5-23) Rebuttal(s) or weakness of the above argument(s). This can also be an explanation about why you find one (set of) argument(s) most convincing over others. You will do this by analyzing the evidence used by scholars to reach their conclusions or by analyzing their conclusions directly. Conclusion
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FinalPaperPrompts211mmw46 - MMW 4-6 Final Paper Summer 2011...

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