MMW2Paper2Summer2011 - Second Writing Assignment MMW2,...

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Second Writing Assignment MMW2, Summer 2011 Length : 4-6 pages Due date : Thursday, July 21, in section Primary texts: 1 Samuel, 1 Kings, and/or 2 Kings The first writing assignment asked you to answer a question of interpretation about the Mesopotamian Epic of Creation , one of the primary texts assigned for the course. This assignment asks you to take the next step: to formulate (and then answer) an open-ended question of your own about a set of assigned primary texts. The rest of the assignment will be the same: to propose a thesis (your answer to the question), to support your thesis with evidence from the texts, to consider alternative interpretations ( counterarguments ), and to comment on how your analysis might help readers to understand the texts and the culture that produced them (the significance of your argument). Before you formulate your question, make sure that you carefully read the entire text at least once and that you consider the historical circumstances in which it was written. That way, you can be confident that the question you ask and answer is a significant one. The assignment:
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MMW2Paper2Summer2011 - Second Writing Assignment MMW2,...

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