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Comparative Source Examination (CSE) Writing Assignment #2 Fall 2011 Page Length: 5-6 pages, not including the Works Cited page Value: 15% of course grade Due date: Beginning of section during Week 7. After this time, late penalties will apply (see MMW Style Sheet). Even with late penalties, you CSE will not be accepted after section of Week 9, after which time it will be considered “not completed” and will result in a grade of F for the course. Any e xception to this deadline must be approved with specific and legitimate documentation in advance by your TA. Purpose In the Critical Reading Assignment (CRA) you just completed, you were introduced to one scholar’s position on a given subject. Before you can advance your own position on this subject, you must gain a fuller understanding of the subject by seeking out more information, evidence, and alternative or opposing points of view. In this Comparative Source Examination assignment, you will find and examine three (3) scholarly sources (either journal articles, essays, or book chapters) that give you a more complete understanding of the topic addressed in the CRA and make it easier for you to evaluate the scholar's argument. You will write a review of these sources and explain how each of
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mmw21ComparativeSourceExaminationPrompt-2F11-1 -...

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