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Unformatted text preview: MMW4-6 Prospectus Worksheet **Remember, this is just a worksheet for outlining your arguments. Your prospectus should go well beyond this bare-bones approach. You should not simply copy the language of the sheet and "fill in the blanks." Instead, come up with your own careful phrasing to express the ideas set forth below. (In other words, do not write, for example, about how "on the topic of X, the question of Y arises."). If your argument logically might call for a different way of organizing your presentation, you may use a different structure as long as you address each of the required elements set forth below. On the topic of: _________________________________________________________________________________________ I have asked the following question: __________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This question has several plausible answers. For example, some scholars such as __________ and ___________ (etc.) have For example, some scholars such as __________ and ___________ (etc....
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