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Outline Lecture Seven—Existentialism and Counter-Cultural Movements I) Age of Spiritual Forlornness in the West a) Elie Wiesel’s Night i) Renunciation of God for his “silence” during the Holocaust ii) Finding strength in one’s own forlornness b) John A.T. Robinson’s Honest to God (1963) i) “Can a Truly Contemporary Person NOT be an Atheist?” II) Existentialism—The Philosophy of Individual Accountability a) Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) i) Atheist Existentialism (1) Even if God did exist, it does not matter ii) Existence without excuses b) Existentialism’s Challenge to Freudian Psychoanalysis i) Bottom line—Existence precedes essence! (1) “Man is the future of man.” (2) Existence as an organic process c) Accountability to Others i) Self-accountability translates into collective accountability (1) Can’t say “at least not everyone acts the way I do” (2) Or “others will do it” d) Yet, “Is existentialism merely a philosophy of the privileged?” i) Does it ignore the realities of race, gender, and class? ii)
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OutlineLecture7MMW6s211 - Outline Lecture...

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