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Outline Lecture Four—Disorders of a Decade: 1929-1939 I) The Challenge for Capitalist Democracies a) The Global Economic Depression i) By late 1920‟s, glut of raw materials world-wide (1) Sharp drop in prices for key commodities ii) Stock market crash of 1929—“Black Thursday” (1) Economic aftermath (2) Global ripple effects b) Balancing Social Stability with Economic Equality in the West i) John Maynard Keynes‟s vision of a New Liberalism in 1925 (1) Victorian era of abundance vs. 20 th century era of stabilization (2) The obsolescence of laissez-faire policies (3) Justification for “bigger” government c) Franklin Roosevelt‟s New Deal i) Social welfare programs ii) Purpose behind a “welfare state” iii) The New Deal as a morale booster and “safety valve” d) Democracy‟s Palliatives against Revolution i) How do leaders in democracies stay in power? ii) How do democracies stay intact? II) Modern Sources of Political Conformity and Consent a) The Manufacture of Consent i) Walter Lippman‟s Public Opinion (1922) (1) Artificial consent as pervasive in democracies as in totalitarian societies
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OutlineLectureFours211mmw6 - Outline Lecture FourDisorders...

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