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Outline Lecture Two: Expressions of the Modern Psyche I) The Crisis of Meaning in the West a) Western Liberalism’s profound crisis in confidence i) The skeptical “Why?” questions vs. the more positivist “How?” questions b) The philosophical and artistic critique of Western Civilization from within i) Post-war Europe as a cultural manifestation of the “divided self” II) Nietzsche: The Revolt of the Irrational Will a) Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) i) From the fringes of intellectual thought onto center-stage of European consciousness b) Challenge to Liberalism i) Openly anti-democratic (1) The will to power not only as a necessity but as a creative force ii) Rejected assumptions of progress (1) Species evolution does not equal progress (2) “Herd instincts” trump the “lucky strokes of evolution” c) Critique of the “Meta-narratives” of Western culture i) “Beauty” in art (1) “Apollonian” vs. “Dionysian” impulses (2) Inspiration for modern art ii) “The Great Libel on Life” d) The Appeal of Nietzsche in post-war Europe III) Sigmund Freud: The Repression of the Death Instinct a) Freud’s use of psychoanalysis to tap into the irrational, destructive side of humanity. i) Humanity’s ego vs. id ii) Civilization’s susceptibility to self-destruction b) Freud’s seminal analysis of the Oedipal Complex i) Function of the incest taboo c) Civilization was born in the very cradle of violence i)
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OutlineTwoExpressionsPsyches211mmw61 - Outline Lecture Two...

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