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MAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD VI SUMMER II 2011 Prof. Edmond Chang [email protected] or 534-4935 MMW Office, #211 Office Hrs: Thurs. 11 am-1 pm Lectures: MW 11-1:50 pm (Center Hall 212) Sections with TA Allen Bolar: MW 2-2:50 pm (Center Hall 212) Required Course Texts: Jeremy Bentley, et al., Traditions and Encounters, vol. 2 , 4 th .edition. Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving Elie Wiesel, Night Andrea Lunsford, Easy Writer , 4 th edition Course Reader (University Readers) Order by phone: 800-200-3908 or order online: All books are available for purchase at the UCSD bookstore. A copy of the Course Reader will be held on reserve at the library (Available week 2). Course Requirements: Midterm examination (20 %) Final examination (35 %) Writing Assignments (35 % combined) Section attendance and participation (10 %) The Pass/No Pass grading option is NOT available for MMW 6; all students must take the course for a letter grade. To pass the course, you must satisfy all course requirements; i.e., you must take all exams, turn in all writing assignments to section instructor and , and attend all section discussions. You are expected to complete assigned readings for the day of lecture; furthermore, you need to be prepared in section to discuss issues related to the week‟s readings and lectures. Examinations: There will be a midterm and a final exam in this course. They will be designed to gauge your grasp of the readings and lectures. Each will consist of a variety of objective questions, so if you attend lectures consistently, read and reflect on the reading material, you can expect to do quite well on these assessments. The final exam will include an essay section cumulative in scope, along with objective questions. (Make-up exams will only be granted with a valid, documented
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SyllabusUpdatedS211Mmw6 - MAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD VI...

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