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Making of the Modern World 4-6 Summer 2011 - Writing Assignment Overview The Writing Assignment Prompt In this course you will write a research paper that advances and supports an argument on a topic relevant to the period and issues covered by your MMW course: MMW 4 (1200-1750), MMW 5 (1750-1900), and MMW 6 (1900 to present). You will select the topic and devise your own Level-3 research question about that topic. You will then read and evaluate the work of several scholars in order to identify possible answers to the question you have posed. You will discuss these answers and the evidence that supports them. In the end, you will advance one answer (your thesis) as the best answer to your research question. You will do this by making an argument (advancing a theses) supported by evidence. To strengthen your argument you will identify and analyze evidence, and you will refute or rebut counter-arguments/alternative hypotheses. Throughout your paper you will explain the significance of your thesis (in providing a better understanding of your topic). Writing Assignment Overview
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WritingAssignmentOverviews211mmw46 - Making of the Modern...

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