End of Aug 31 to Sept 2 notes (Cold War Left Side)

End of Aug 31 to Sept 2 notes (Cold War Left Side) -...

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09/02/2011 Cold War from the Left Side IV: Bolshevik Victory and Disappointment, 1917-1921 1918-1921: Russian Civil War; War Communism; Felix Dzerzhinsky (1877-1926); Cheka Allied intervention; Russo-Polish War (1920-1921) October 1918: German Navy Mutiny; Räterepublik. 9 November 1918: Kaiser abdicates; Republic proclaimed 30 December 1918: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg form German Communist Party Spartacists; Ebert-Groener Pact; Soviet Republic in Bavaria; Freikorps; Kapp Putsch  (1920) Hungary: Michael Karolyi (1875-1955); Bela Kun (1886-1938/9); Admiral Horthy (1868- 1957) V: Conclusions—The Unfinished Revolution? 2 September Lecture From the Popular Front to the Grand Alliance I: Introduction—Alone in the World? II: Bolshevik Victory and Disappointment, 1917-1920 Leon Trotsky (1879-1940); Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March 1918) Comintern intended to be the Vatican of the world for communism; to identify what  makes a communist party communist and issues a catechism=Twenty-One Conditions  (policies and attitudes a party needs to have to be a member of the Comintern 1918-1921: Russian Civil War; War Communism 1. Emergence of Cheka; Felix Dzerzhinsky (1877-1926); Cheka Allied intervention; Russo-Polish War (1920-1921)
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End of Aug 31 to Sept 2 notes (Cold War Left Side) -...

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