pseudo history - Nicholas Gomez History 100-001 9/13/11...

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Nicholas Gomez History 100-001 9/13/11 Pseudo History; Very Painful Questions About New Orleans “It’s clear the destruction of New Orleans with the levee breaches was a deliberately manufactured event which was designed to bring about the chaos we saw in New Orleans and to bring us closer to the New World Order police state” (Pg. 4). A ridiculous statement followed by an even more ridiculous argument that we are supposed to consider to be the “facts” by these people; these people that thought every other national tragedy in our country was a conspiracy and set up as well. Knowing that small detail alone makes me doubt these people’s conspiracy theories right off the bat. The main government so-called “set up” that has been discussed is Hurricane Katrina and the blowing up of the levees so more damage could be done to the city of New Orleans. Not only was there this conspiracy theory but the 9/11 attacks as well as the Oklahoma City bombing were covered as well. By singling out these national tragedies the author of this article has used the “no coincidences” fallacy. Things happen for a reason. Yes, that is true but the way that they are using this fallacy is that these tragedies happened for government reason and at the government’s hands in order to bring us closer to the “New World Order”. In my honest opinion that idea comes from nowhere but the state of paranoia. Coincidences DO happen and yes these tragic events did happen for a reason as well, we may never fully understand that reason but we do know that we have come together, grown stronger and will be more prepared for the next thing
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the world throws at us. Construction was being done in the poorest part of the city because clearly it was needed. Hurricane Katrina hit all of New Orleans and the 9 th Ward took it the hardest quite possibly due to that construction. It wasn’t because of any explosives, it was
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pseudo history - Nicholas Gomez History 100-001 9/13/11...

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