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READ CAREFULLY! All LOWER-DIVISION PSYCHOLOGY COURSES require that all students* participate as subjects in psychological research. The minimum requirement is 3 hours. Some instructors may require additional hours or count additional hours as extra credit. This requirement is part of the course just as a mid-term or final examination. It is your responsibility to take care of these requirements. SIGN UP FOR EXPERMENTS EARLY IN THE QUARTER TO AVOID DEALING WITH A SHORTAGE LATER IN THE YEAR! Do NOT wait until finals week to try and sign up for an experiment because you won’t be allowed. Some UPPER-DIVISION PSYCHOLOGY COURSES may offer extra credit based on participating in experi- ments. What to do: 1. Go to https://experimetrix2.com/ucsd/ . For general rules, guidelines, etc., click on the “ read.me ” link on the main page. For frequently asked questions, click on the “ help.me ” link on main page. 2.
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