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Lign 17, Winter 2011 Topics Covered For Midterm What is Steganography? What is Cryptography? Transposition Ciphers Example: Rail Fence Ciphers Substitution Ciphers: How to Make Them and How to Break Them Kerckhoff’s principle Monoalphabetic SCs * Caesar Shift Ciphers * Monoalphabetic SCs with Keyword Codes, Nomenclators Monoalphabetic SCs with Homophones Polyalphabetic SCs: The Vigenere Cipher One-time Pad Ciphers
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Unformatted text preview: – Book Ciphers • Binary representations (e.g., ASCII) • Converting between decimal and binary • Binary addition • An example binary transposition cipher • An example binary substitution cipher • The Key Distribution Problem • Padlock Metaphor • One-way Functions • Modular Arithmetic • Prime Numbers • The Diffie-Hellman Protocol • Asymmetric Ciphers (vs. Symmetric) • RSA...
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midterm-topics2 - – Book Ciphers • Binary...

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