A higher barrier ensures on decidence and thus are

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Unformatted text preview: onotonically related sions between function of barrier Solving for the weig are is plotted larger and y height. A higher barrier ensures on decidence and thus are more accurate thataversions are based of larger weight of evion a natural bans) for h age. The dashed vertical line is the barrier units rate maximum on averratio (Green and Swets, 1966). Briefly, 1 versus Reward are more accurate rate of = Accuracy/ Response Timeh dence and thus associated Reward rate Response Time height The dashedwith the line is the barrier age. reward. (B) Reward vertical reward rate derate. The a sensory neuron—in this case, a rate height associated with the maximum rate of pends on the decision time plus fixed times Pr(x,y|h1) reward. (B) Reward plus a “time out” for dein and between trials rate. The reward rate an kes per second—can be thought of as pends weight time occurs times error. on the maximum reward rate evidence log B=A betweendecisionplusofplus fixedwhenan in decision process is sufficiently out” for trials a “time accurate the and Pr(x,y|h0) error. A maximum consuming. We suggest reward rate occurs when but not overly time le: for a given set of stimulus conditions the decision adjusts the barrier height to that the brain process is sufficiently accurate but not overly time rate of reward. suggest achieve the maximumconsuming. We(C) Psytion), it has an expected value but can that the function using the optimal barrier chometric brain adjusts the barrier height to (1 0) achieve the maximum rate of reward. (C) Psyheight. The probability of a correct response · ly from moment-to-moment or trial-toischometric function using the optimaldefiniplotted for each motion strength. By barrier 2 (1 height. performance of the 0% response tion, the The probabilityon a correctcoherent motion response can take at The best fitting cumulative Weibull, a plotted for each motion reasonable approximation to logistic eural stimulus is 8). chance (not shown).usingline is aonbarrier height. The time fromwhich is isonset until behavioral onstrength.isBy defininumerous stimulustion, th...
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