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Briefly x and rate y down motion y h1 and s case ah2

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Unformatted text preview: are the versus h0 yields: units of natural bans) for h1 means of 1966). Briefly, x and rate y, Down motion (y h1, and s case, ah2: respectively, under is larger) is the covariance Pr(x,y|h1(in ) between x Solving for the weight log thought of as and y. weight of evidence of evidence units of natural bans) for h1 versus h0 yields:Pr(x,y|h0) us conditions value but can ( 1 constant 1 Relationship between Neural Responses an Figure 1. Theoretical Pr(x,y|h1) 0) · · hypothetical distributions of respon y) (6) The panels on the left depict (x nt orweight of evidence log trial-to2 example, the upper curve could represent the responses of a dire (1 ) Pr(x,y|h0) then represent the responses of the opposing “antineuron” that pr on numerous responses are normally distributed with mean values of and the exponential and Poisson, lead to similar results (Gold and S ) ( 1numerous 1 ese probabiliNote that factors could cause responses plotted as a function of their diff nonzero values 0 computed from these · · (x y) (6) 2 easurements of , including intrinsic factors like attention and arousal (1 ) • • 0 1 measured pothesis after all the by the neuron and antineuron up to that tions of the total number of spikes generated evidence has been sampled, and hm (Good, barrier at 0B, andprocess are called the decision is rendered for h1. e reaches theReview Pr(h ) the Pr(h1) is stopped and a prior probabilities and were used 303 reaches B (not shown), a decision for h0hypothesiserror. Banburismus Performed by before any ight of evidence describe the probability of each is issued inNeurons cess actuevidence is sampled. If, for example, there is an equal Sensory Signals-Turing’s Weight of Evidence th f 1/10 of prior probability of either hypothesis (which was the onsidered eant that 1968; Link and Heath, 1975; Luce, 1986;the weight of assumption made in Banburismus), then Ratcliff and ce that is , implied Rouder, 1998;equal to the logarithm of the ratio of the evidence is Stone, 1960; Usher...
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