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These functions describe 1 at bethe process is

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Unformatted text preview: neuron up to that , p two time points, viewed to: and the underlying in bans, this responses 2|i hesis that density functions. These functions describe 1 at Bethe process| is stopped and a decision is rendered for h . sensory time point, given that h is true. If the weight of evidence reaches the barrier , that “two This is the expected outcome when h is true. If the weight of evidence reaches B (not shown), a decision for h is issued in error. 1 rtex. We (Recall) Equation 4, 1is the logistic function (here using . (4) Pr(h |m) t, that is neither which,speed. Higher barriers meant that 1968; 1 and10 B1975; Luce, 1986; Ratcliff and like le tween accuracy and Link Heath, ght, when more evidence was e ). Unlike in turn, implied Rouder, 1998; Stone, 1960; Usher and McClelland, 2001; base accumulated, which, in Equation 4, however, the probability 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 Pr(x,y|h1) 994). Thus, neural activity in these areas Banburismus Performed by Neurons ncoded, noisy evidence that the brain Neuron where 304 Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff o decide which hypothesis was most Neuron 304 1 (x ) 1 2 2 (y √1 2 ) 0 2 2 P(Correct) QPredicted Effect of Barrier Height Accuracy y Signals to Turing’s Figure 3. 2 2 1 on Speed, Accuracy, and Reward Rate in a Figure 3. Predicted Effect of Direction-Discrimination Task Barrier Height nce on Speed, Accuracy, and Reward Rate in The calculations assume that an experiment a 2 Direction-Discrimination (see uses six levels ofthe Task text for dedifficulty is assume common variance, 1 and consider categorical decisions about The (A) Accuracy. that an experiment tails). calculations The probability of a coruses six levels of difficulty all text for derect choice averaged across(see six motion x Accuracy. The function of barrier gnals by formulating quantities like Tutails). (A)and y, respectively, under h1, and strengths is plotted as a probability of a correct choice averaged ensures six deciheight. A higher barrieracross all that motion strengthsbased on aas a xweight of evi- . vidence that are m...
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