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Drug List #1 - Class Types Drugs Effects Notes Inhibit...

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Class Types Drugs Effects Notes Side Notes Side effect Inhibit exocytosis of ACh Toxin ( Clostridium botulinum) Botulinum Toxin (BTX) Uses: @ NMJ: Strabismus (crossed eyes), Blepharospasm (spasms of eyelid), Glabellar frown lines (facial wrinkles) @ Symp. Cho. NEJs: Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) @ para. NEJs: spasm of lower esophageal sphincter (LES) Inhibits vesicle fusion & release at cholinergic nerve terminal Injected locally Lethality from respiratory muscle paralysis nAChR agonist nonselective Nicotine Stimulation @ all ganglia (Nn & Nm) nAChR antagonist Nm selective: Competitive agents D- tubocurarine Flaccid paralysis of muscle Compete for ACh binding sites but no efficacy Reversed by administrating Anti-ChE Nm selective: Depolarizing agents Succinylcholi ne For anesthesia: Transient & repetitive fasciculations (involuntary twitch) of SKM leading up to paralysis Occupies Ach binding site & open receptor ion channel depolar. MEP Resistant to AChE prolong depolarization inactivates voltage gated Na+ channels muscle paralysis Nn selective Trimethaphan **(TBL by Dr. Laiken) Earlier use: Hypertension Blocking Nn will remove all ANS tone Competitive ganglionic blocking agent HR,constipati on, postural/orthos tatic hypotenstion mAChR agonist Natural Alkaloids Pilocarpine 1)Salivation (effects: M3), treats xerostomia 2)Eye: miosis ( papillary sphincter ) for glaucoma
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Methacholine Diagnosis of bronchial hyperactivity in asthma See if bronchioles constict too much mAChR Antagonist Belladonna alkaloids & derivatives Atropine HR, Can treat AV conduction block, bradycardia Effect on M2R Gi inhibit parasym effect on heart Also blocks effects of Ach i Ca-L AV conduction *red as a beet, dry as a bone, hot as a stone, blind as a bat, mad as a hatter Tolterodine ( Detrol) Treats overactive bladder Effect on M3R Gq inhibit parasym effect, bladder contraction Scopolamine Treats motion sickness Transdermal Non-selective No specific drug introduced by tbl Mydriasis + cycloplegia (for eye exam) M3 effects inhibited papillary schincter constriction, relaxation of ciliary muscle (loss of accomodation) Ipratropium Treats COPD M3 effects inhibited, bronchoconstri
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Drug List #1 - Class Types Drugs Effects Notes Inhibit...

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