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Lecture 10 - Objectives

Lecture 10 - Objectives - Goals To understand the...

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Goals To understand the electrical excitation of the heart To acquire the background necessary for understanding electrocardiography, cardiac arrhythmias, and the antiarrhythmic drugs Learning Objectives 1. Describe the normal sequence of electrical activation of the heart and the components of the cardiac conduction system 2. Identify the cardiac cells that belong to the fast fiber vs. slow fiber electrophysiological category 3. Draw a typical action potential (AP) in a fast fiber (fast response AP) and a slow fiber (slow response AP), labeling the voltage and time axes accurately 4. Define and describe the resting membrane potential (RMP), threshold potential, phases of the AP, amplitude, and action potential duration (APD) in a fast fiber and a slow fiber, labeling them on your AP drawings 5. Describe the K + , Na + , and Ca 2+ channels and currents that are important in each phase of the fast response AP and slow response AP 6.
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