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Unformatted text preview: MAP b SBP aortic closes4 3 aortic opens isovol relax DBP SV LVP isovol. contxn EDP 2 mitral closes 1 4-1-2 = Diastole 2-3-4 = Systole 1 = mitral valve opens 1-a = passive ventricular filling mitral valve open aortic closed no inc in Pv a-2 = atrial contraction active ventricular filling mitral open aortic closed inc in Pv to above that of Patr 2 = mitral valve close b/c Pv > Patr EDV EDP preload max ventricular filling before contraction 2-3 = isovolumetric ventricular contraction mitral closed aortic closed Pv increasing to overcome Paor 3 = aortic valve opens DBP - P holding the aortic closed afterload 3-4 = ejection phase Vv decreases Pv decreased time between Pv > Paor and Pv < Paor aortic open mitral closed *b = MAP/SBP when Pv is the most above Paor 4 = aortic valve closes 4-1 = isovolumetric relaxation aortic closed mitral closed ventricle not filling a mitral opens LVP Mitral Valve opens: 1 Mitral Valve closes: 2 Aortic Valve opens: 3 Aortic Vavle closes: 4 Vent isovol contxn begin: 2 Vent isovol contxn ends: 3 Vent isovol relxtn begin: 4 Vent isovol relxtn ends: 1 Passive Vent filling begin: 1 Active Vent filling begin: a Ejection phase starts: 3 Ejection phase ends: 4 QRS Complex begins: just before 2 (R lines up with beginning of isovol contxn) Atrial contraction begins: a DBP: 3 SBP: b IVC: Paor > Pv > Patr Ejection: Pv > Paor > Patr IVR: Paor > Pv > Patr Passive Filling: Paor > Patr > Pv Active filling: Paor > Patr > Pv ...
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