Quiz 02 - 1 of 16 Diffusion of oxygen in the lungs: A....

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1 of 16 Diffusion of oxygen in the lungs: A. Results in equilibrium between the PO2 of blood at the end of the capillary and that of alveolar gas in healthy, resting subjects in normoxia. B. Cannot be estimated from the diffusing capacity for CO because CO is more soluble than O2 in blood. C. Is significantly slower than diffusion of CO2 in the lungs because O2 is less soluble. D. Results in a more even uptake of O2 along the capillary than the diffusive uptake of CO from alveoli to capillaries. E. Results in more rapid equilibrium of the partial pressure between alveolar gas and capillary blood than does diffusion of an anesthetic gas. Question 2 of 16 Pulmonary vascular resistance is REDUCED by: A. Going to high altitude. B. Mechanical ventilation of the lung with positive pressure. C. Exhaling from FRC to residual volume. D. Removal of one lung. E. Exercise. Question 3 of 16 A seated pilot flies a high performance plane in parabolic trajectory so that the pilot becomes weightless. Compared with a seated pilot flying level, which of the following will increase at the apex of the lung? A. Alveolar Po2. B. Capillary blood pH. C. Pulmonary blood flow. D. Diameter of alveoli. E. Transcapillary fluid efflux. Question 4 of 16 Which of the following stimuli acting at a given chemoreceptor is most important for controlling the level of resting ventilation? A. Po2 at arterial chemoreceptors. B. Pco2 at arterial chemoreceptors. C. pH at arterial chemoreceptors. D. pH of CSF at central chemoreceptors. E. Po2 of CSF at central chemoreceptors. Question 5 of 16 The diffusing capacity of the lung for CO is: A. Decreased if a lobe of lung is removed. B. Not affected by the volume of blood in the pulmonary capillaries. C. Not affected by the level of inspired PO2.
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Quiz 02 - 1 of 16 Diffusion of oxygen in the lungs: A....

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