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GI - Enzymes Table - Enzymes MOA Source Substrate End...

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Unformatted text preview: Enzymes MOA Source Substrate End Product Apical Baso Notes Ca rb oh yd rat es Amylase Hydrolysis of internal 1,4 bonds Salivary Pancreas acinar ** Starch - Am- Am- Mal- Mal- a- None - inhibited by fiber- rate or hydrolysis depends on source of starch Glucoamylase Hydrolysis of short chain glucose (glucose oligomers) brush border membrane- Mal- Mal- Last - Free SGLT1 GLUT5 GLUT2- Come from the same gene as sucrose Sucrase Brush border membrane- Sucr- Glu- Fruc SGLT1 GLUT5 GLUT2- Uptake is rate- limiting for assimilation of the carbohydrate Isomaltase Can hydrolyze both 1,4 and 1,6 bonds Brush border membrane- a-- Glu (eventually with help from the other enzymes) SGLT1 GLUT5 GLUT2- Lactase-phlorizin hydrolase Hydrolyze the bond between glucose and galactose Brush border membrane- Lact-- Glu- Gal SGLT1 GLUT5 GLUT2- Inhibited by glucose Pr ote in Pepsinogen pensin Cleavage of N- terminal peptide Chief cells (stomach)- Neu- Lar- Activated at acidic pH - Inhibit at pH = 4.5 Endopeptidases- Trypsino gen trypsin- Chymot rypsino gen chymot rypsin- Proelast ase elastas e Cleave within the chain of the peptide Pancreas acinar small intestinal lumen- Lar Peptide with C- term - Bas- Ne- Trypsinoge n activated by - Trypsin actives the rest!!...
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GI - Enzymes Table - Enzymes MOA Source Substrate End...

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