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Unformatted text preview: od blo Nephron Schematic hrine inep orep athetic) N p (Sym iotensin Ang II Blood Flow Na ANP ATP secre t. Effe rent Arteriole d ADH (vasopressin) Stimulated ic) Furosemide (loop diuret blocks reabsorbed (if not blocked) 25% of Na+ and 20% of K+ + New HCO3 (if NH4 excreted) Aldosterone Stimulated HCO- + H+ 3 Na + 2 Cl + K K ATP Vasoconstrictor Major effect Minor effect • insignificant, unless lots o’ stim. R H2O Gs AC K+ H2O ATP cAMP PKA phosphoryl’n Na Thin Ascending Limb • H2O impermeable ATP CO2 + H2O • Secrete K + • Add aquaporin2 Cl - Sympathetic (Norepi.) Stimulated ATP H+ c.a. Na ADH Thick Ascending Limb • load-depend. • H2O imp. • Dilutes K+ Principal Cell K+ ANP Stimulated Vasodilator H2CO 3 New HCO3 absorbed H+ K Na+ ATP K+ Aldosterone increases # of: 1. Na+ channels 2. Na+-K + -ATPase pumps 3. K + channels K -sparing diuretics ANP also blocks (inhibit aldost. effect) Angiotensin II Stimulated K+ - + Na, Cl ATP Na (or H2 PO4 ) Cl- Na+ NH + 4 Cl Formate- K+ K (excreted) H AT P NH3 + H+ + Na Cl - 2- Na+ Cl - + • Reabsorb K • H excretion Aldost. stim’d • H 2 PO 4 excret. + • NH 4...
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