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Unformatted text preview: excret. (HPO4 or ) Late Proximal Tubule • Isosm. absorption nd K+ reabsorbed CO 2+ H2 O tazolamide) CO 2 + H2 O c.a. IV (blocked by ace H 2 CO 3 Na + a 85% of reabsorbed HCO3 (if CO2 from tubule) - of O3 carbonic anhydrase II α-Intercalated • load-depend. • H20 imp. • Dilutes • NaCl abs. Na+ g Site % HC H 2CO 3 Early Distal Tubule in Tun + HCO - + H + 3 K e rb so b rea tics A+ iure ock of N l ed b 5% ~ zid ia Th ine + H H ATP Late Distal Tubule & Collecting Duct • α-Intercalated & Principal Cells • H2O imp. w/o ADH • H2O permeable with ADH JGA Na 67 b -F Early Proximal Tubule •Isosm. abs. ~ 3% of NA +r ea bs or ed Na s id Ac o in Na , e Am at ph or os te, Ph cta e, la trat ci Na e os uc Gl Phosphate, Lactate, or citrate Afferent Arteriole in gland Prosta ine pam & Do Amino Acids Renin K Glucose Find an error? email [email protected]..
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