Quiz 01 - 1 of 17 Question 4 of 17 When plasma glucose...

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1 of 17 When plasma glucose levels are normal, a molecule of glucose could sequentially pass through or touch the following structures, as well as other structures, during a single passage through the kidney: A. Afferent arteriole, podocyte, brush border, endothelial cell B. Brush border, thin ascending limb, collecting duct, macula densa C. Efferent arteriole, brush border, thick ascending limb, distal convoluted tuble D. Podocyte, basement membrane, endothelial cell, efferent arteriole Question 2 of 17 840 mg of Drug X is injected into a non-obese, 70-kg young adult male. Two minutes later, the plasma concentration of Drug X is 20 mg/liter. Assuming that the distribution of Drug X occurs almost instantaneously and that no Drug X is metabolized or excreted, you can conclude that Drug X distributes into: A. Plasma B. Extracellular fluid C. Intracellular fluid D. Total body water Question 3 of 17 In a 30-year-old, 60-kg non-obese male with a plasma sodium of 140 mmol/liter, you predict that an increase in plasma sodium to 150 mmol/liter could have resulted from a: A. Gain of 360 mmol of potassium B. Gain of 140 mmol of sodium C. Loss of 5 liters of water Question 4 of 17 A 70-kg, non-obese young adult man with a serum sodium of 140mEq/liter ingests 27 g of solid NaCl (462 mmol of sodium) without water. If none of the ingested sodium is excreted, you estimate that his extracellular (ECF) fluid volume: A. Did not change B. Decreased to about 12 liters
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Quiz 01 - 1 of 17 Question 4 of 17 When plasma glucose...

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