Health Care System and Policy

Health Care System and Policy -...

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COMPARING HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS – WORK SHEET NATION Is there  universa coverag e? Who manages  health  insurance and  care?  Can insurers  profit from  basic  services? Who pays for  services? (taxes,  individuals,  blend) Average amount  each family pays? How are  doctors paid? Best point of  system? Problems of system? United  Kingdom *lowest  infant  mortality  Yes Government No Taxes None/Taxes GP Capitation,  some FFS  (prevention),  specialist NHS  survey Waiting Japan *highest life  expectancy Yes Insurance Cos.  (private, non- profit) No Individual, w/ govt  subsidies for the  poor so could be a  Blend (insurance  required) $280/mo + 30% co- pays w/ cap (govt  subsidies for the poor) FFS (govt  regulates);  GPs>Specialsts No waiting Don’t charge enough for  healthcare Germany Yes Insurance Cos.  (Sick-funds, non- profit, some for- profit insurance  companies) No Individual, w/ govt 
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Health Care System and Policy -...

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