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G4 - supplemental group 4

G4 - supplemental group 4 - There are both pros and cons...

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There are both pros and cons for increased healthcare spending when it comes to military funding. As of now, the current healthcare bill does not directly pull any funds from the military, however some proponents of a strong national defense fear that healthcare spending may soon pose a huge threat to the military and ultimately the security of our nation. Back in the 1960’s, 16% of our GDP went toward military funding, whereas 4% was put toward healthcare. Today, the funding for military has dropped to about 4%, whereas for healthcare it has risen to over 17%, which is a almost a complete flip-flop. Many other countries are putting forth a much greater percent of their GDP towards defense and pursuing advances in military technology. Saudi Arabia, North Korea, among others spend over 10% of their GDP in military funding. In order to keep ourselves protected, and our security high, we need to not only keep up with these countries, but keep ahead of them. We need funds in order to maintain, repair,
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