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US Solutions - U.S Solutions Group 1 and 2 3 and 4 5 and 6...

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U.S. Solutions Group Structure Change How Create/Pay Quality Effect RPh’s Role Effect Realistic 1=No, 10 = Yes 1 and 2 Medical Home- emphasize preventative care with the use clinical pharmacists (specialists) Pay: MTM reimbursements (Ins Cos, Taxes) Training Programs in RPh Improve Increase scope of practice, primary care emphasis - cause overwork, increase training ($), increase malpractice concern 8, since it is already implemented by the VA 3 and 4 Increase primary care MD Decrease specialists MD Govt mandated population ratio (i.e. in set 100,000 population there will be a set number of MD primary, MD secondary, etc) We don’t need to pay for anything, since the cost for medical school should be the same Improve However the role of specialist pharmacists will diminished but basically our role will remain the same 5, people just don’t like the govt 5 and 6 Information Infrastructure change one database for all facilities and patients **to decrease inefficiencies/errors New govt database dept
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