Drug Info - Midterm Review

Drug Info - Midterm Review - I ntro(ADRs Types o Type...

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Intro (ADRs) - Types o Type A ( A ugmented) o Type B ( B izarre) Pharmacogenomics sometimes turn Type Bs into Type As o Type C ( C hronic) Dose AND time o Type D ( D elayed) Just time o Type E ( E nd of use) o Type F ( F ailure) o (All are variations of A or B) - Type A Causes o Mostly low therapeutic index drugs o Primary (toxicity) o Secondary (side effect) Desired action, unwanted site o Completely unrelated effect (side effect) - Type B Causes o Pharmaceutical (Type A reaction of contaminant ) Decomp Excipients Byproduct of synthesis o PK Abnormal metab of drug toxic metabolite Hapten o PD Often genetic Type I IgE-mediated allergy Indiv must be PRESENSITIZED Can sometimes get cross reactions - Management o Type A dec dosage, change formulation, change to more selective, give antidote (counteract SE) o Type B avoid drug, maybe pharmacogenetic profiling? - Drug Efficacy Studies o Poor at detecting uncommon ADRs (only 1500 pts) o Pt population = narrow - Published Case Reports o Important data often missing (kidney, liver fxn, alcohol/tobacco use, o Likelihood of assessment frequently absent PubMed Techniques - MeSH o Term: comparative study Add publication type “Clinical Trial” limit o Subheadings Pharmacology /PD 1
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Pharmacokinetics /PK Metabolism /ME Therapeutic Use /TU (applied to drugs) Drug Therapy /DT (applied to diseases)
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Drug Info - Midterm Review - I ntro(ADRs Types o Type...

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