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Malone Summary - Required Reading for May 8, 2008 Malone...

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Required Reading for May 8, 2008 Malone Chapter 2: Modified Systematic Approach to Answering Questions Step I. Secure demographics of requester Step II. Obtain background information Step III. Determine and categorize ultimate question Step IV. Develop strategy and conduct search Step V. Perform evaluation, analysis, analysis, and synthesis Step VI. Formulate and provide response Step VII. Conduct follow-up and documentation I. Demographics a. Determine the requestor’s position, training and anticipated knowledge i. Elderly man and doctor may ask the same question but clearly have different levels of knowledge and will require different answers b. Secure mechanism for delivery of response i. Fax, phone number, e-mail… II. Background Questions: “Why is the requestor asking for this information?” a. Examples of background questions i. The requestor’s name ii. The requestor’s location and/or pager number iii. The requestor’s affiliation (institution of practice) if health care professional iv. The requestor’s frame of reference (title, profession or occupation, and rank) v. The resources that the requestor already consulted vi. Whether the request is patient specific or academic vii. The patient’s diagnosis, other medications, and pertinent medical information viii. Urgency of the request (negotiate the time response) b. When the requestor is not the end user of the information requester (an intermediary like a nurse requesting info for a doctor) you need to explain why these background questions are important to get accurate info i. May ultimately want to bypass the intermediary and speak to the requestor if background info is missing or inaccurate III. Ultimate Question / Categorization of Question
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Malone Summary - Required Reading for May 8, 2008 Malone...

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