11WBCcharacteristics - Correlating basic leukocyte...

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Correlating basic leukocyte characteristics (these are very basic - add more as is useful) B-cell T-cells NK cell Dendritic cell P L I Macro Mono- -phage cyte Neutrop hil Eosinophi l CD4+ T-cells CD8+ Tc Treg T-helper Lymphoid lineage Myeloid lineage Adaptive Highly specific antigen receptors, very high diversity, Innate innate Rs (TLRs, NLRs, RLHs) recognize PAMPs, Fc Rs bind Fc stems of Ab, CRs, e.g., CR1 bind complement peptides, e.g. C3b Recirculate through blood, lymph & 2˚ lymphoid tissues Circulate s in blood Resides in tissue Circulates in blood Naïve cell = resting cells without effector functions Unactivated cells are resting cells in which effector or APC functions can be activated very rapidly; innate cells do not go through clonal expansion IgM+IgD+ B-cell CD4+ T-cell CD8+ T- cell Effector cells differentiate after few days of clonal expansion Cells have been rapidly activated by cytokines or innate receptor activation Secrete Ab that have variety of effector functions Can be APC
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11WBCcharacteristics - Correlating basic leukocyte...

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