Cases_correlation - WEEK1 Lecture/CBL Defect/immuneprocess...

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WEEK 1 Lecture/CBL # Clinical case Defect/immune process Category I-1 I-2   IRAK-1 (case 8) I-3 I-4  I-5 I-6 Introduction to the Immune System: Lecture Innate Immunity I (DCs, macs, pattern recognition): Lecture  Chronic  Granulatomous   (Case 2) NADPH oxidase deficiency -  needed for phagocyte killing Innate deficiency  - neutrophil  function IRAK mediates intracellular  signaling for TLRs  and IL-1 R  Innate deficiency  - TLR signaling Anatomy of the Immune System Congenital asplenia  (Case 1)  Spleen as 2˚ lymphoid tissue that  protects blood from pathogens  2˚ lymphoid  tissue - response  to pathogens in  blood Innate Immunity II (complement, NK cells, NK-T cells) C8  deficiency  (Case 6)  C8 needed for MAC formation  and bacterial lysis Innate deficiency  - complement for  encapsulated  bacteria MHC Antigen Presentation and Immunology of Transplantation: Lecture MHC I deficiency  (Case 17) CD8+ Tc development and  function T-cell  development MHC II deficiency  (Case I8) CD4+ Th development and  function T-cell  development CBL: LAD & renal transplant CBL Case 3  Leukocyte adhesion  deficiency LFA-1 (and Mac-10) integrin  deficiency - prevents phagocyte  extravasation Innate deficiency  - phagocyte  extravasation    CBL   CASE 46 Renal transplant Alloreactivity; direct and indirect;  recipient T-cells attack graft Allogeneic  response
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I-7 C1INH deficiency I-8  I-9 I-10  T-cell function I-12 I-13 AIRE deficiency CBL: Hereditary Angioedema CBL CASE 4 Hereditary  angioedema;   Innate  dysregulation -  edema Antigen Recognition CBL: Rheumatic fever (Case 29), GVHD (Case 47) CBL Case 29 Rheumatic fever     Streptococcus infection and  molecular mimicry Autoimmune  Type II  CBL Case 47   GVHD   Alloreactivity; direct and indirect;  donor T-cells attack  recipient Allogeneic  response T and B cell development: Lecture X-linked SCID =   (Case 14) common gamma chain  deficiency T-cell  development T cell Immunity: Lecture I-11 T- cells  immuni ty Wiscott-Aldritch  (Case 22) WASP deficiency prevents  normal actin fiber  rearrangements CBL: Hereditary periodic fever syndrome (Case 7) CBL  CASE 7:  Hereditary periodic  fever syndrome
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Cases_correlation - WEEK1 Lecture/CBL Defect/immuneprocess...

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