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Bacteria Flow chart 1(OK)

Bacteria Flow chart 1(OK) - Gram Positive Bacteria All...

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9/14/11 Bacillus anthracis -Rod -Spores -EF, LF, PA exotoxins Gram Positive Bacteria Streptococcus -Cocci in chains (oval) - Catalase (-) -No ETC (only ferments) -facultative Staphylococc us -Cocci in clusters - Catalase (+) -ETC, facultative -Non-motile Anaero bes Peptostreptoco cci - Cocci -Lives in mouth, Intestine Mixed infex Actinomyces israelii -Branching rod -Molar-tooth colonies -NOT acid fast (from Nocardia) -Sulfur-granules in pus Burrows through tissue planes GCS Clostridium -Rods (pleo) -Perit. flagella -In soil, GI tract -Spores C. perfringens -sub-term spore -double-zone hemolysis - In food (even cooked) Gas gangrene, gastroent, septic abortion C. difficile -Post-Abx infex Pseudomemb Coagulase (+ ) Staphylococcus aureus -Golden pigment -Hemolysis of RBCs -TS nucleus, (+), mannitol (+) Impetigo, TSS, scalded skin, bone infex, gastroent, etc GGS -hemolytic β (lyse RBCs) α-hemolytic (no lysing – green color) Bacitracin (+) No cell growth Group A Strep (GAS) Strep. Pyogenes - M protein (mimicry) -Lance-field Ag MOST virulent!! throat, skin lesions, rheum fever, scarlet fever, GNephritis, etc Coagulase (-) Non-pathogenic Staph - TS nucleus (-), mannitol (-) S. epidermidis -Novobiocin sensitive Foreign bodies S. saprophyticus - Novobiocin resist UTIs C. Tetani - Terminal spore (tennis- racket) Wound infex, “Lock jaw”, spastic paralysis (esp. neonates) C. botulinum -oval, sub-term spores -from food Wound infex, Floppy Optochin (+) No cell growth Strep. pneumoniae -Diplococci, short chains -Bile soluble -MOST autolytic, natural transformer Pnemo, otitis med, mening (adult) -High risk if no spleen Optochin (-) Cell growth Bacitracin (-) Viridans Strep -Normal flora - Gold/green colonies S. mutans Dental carries S. gordonii endocarditis GFS Enterococcus (Group D strep) Black on esculin agar -Normal flora of GI UTIs, endocarditis, intestinal abscess Bacitracin (-) Group B Strep CAMP test (+) arrowhead pattern of hemolysis Strep. agalactiae -small zone of hemolysis -Orange pigment -Pulm surfactact protective vs. infex Passed during labor, pneumo, sepsis, mening, diabetic infex All EMB/lactose (-) Corynebacterium diphtheria -straight/curved rod -facultative -diphtheria toxin
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9/14/11 Pseudomonas - Rods *Grows in ANYTHING!
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